Best Budget Wedding Photographers in Delhi, India


Hiring the right wedding photographer is probably one of the hardest decisions you’ll make and goes just next to hiring the right decor company and the right venue.

Now, for the most part, it is you get what you pay for and though you should go with high end candid photographers whenever possible. However, hiring premium photographer at prices like a lakh per day is a bit far-fetched for a lot of people and that’s why we’ve analysed, sorted and listed the best wedding photographer for your Delhi wedding.

#1 WeddingTraditions


With the mission of bringing the experience and quality of candid wedding photography to the low-budget weddings. WeddingTraditions is the go-to wedding photographers if you’re looking for creative candid shots without the heavy price tag of hiring individual photographers.

The wedding studio boasts a team of primary and secondary candid photographers equipped with state of the art equipments and backend editors.

One feature that really stands out is that you get a dedicated wedding manager who’s responsible for making sure that you get exactly what you want and how you want it. Your wedding manager will be your way of communicating with the studio.

Pricing starts at Rs. 30,000 per day.

All in all, they offer the best bang for your buck when it comes to wedding photography.

==>> Check their portfolio at

#2 Candid Tales

If you’re all about making a personal connection with your photographer then its best to directly hire your wedding photographer and Rishabh is one of those creative photographers that can really deliver some impressive artwork for your wedding album.

We love his concepts and his style of work and is definitely on our top vendor list for individual candid wedding photographers.

Pricing starts at Rs. 85,000 per day.

Check his work at