7 Things you need to Ask your Photographer Before you Hire them.

A proficient Wedding Photographer can precisely capture all those real emotions, special moments and every little details of the most important day of your life.

However, it can be an exacting task to choose that perfect wedding photographer. Couples are often in state of dilemma regarding the things they should discuss and ask their photographers.

Here we have compiled the list of some questions that will help you in finding the best wedding photographer for your wedding.

What is your Photography style?

Every photographer has unique style of photography for example some wedding photographers do photojournalist type of photography, others may do glamorous type photography and some others may like to do candid photography.

So this should be the first question to be asked to a wedding photographer as it is the style of photography that interests you. Look for the photographer who specializes in the style you want for your wedding photographs.


Image credit : Wedding Traditions

How many weddings have you shot or how many times have you worked specifically as a wedding photographer?

This is a very important question that helps you to know how much experience your photographer has. Years are generally not an accurate measure for experience as a photographer might just be working only a few weddings per year.

Thus, a photographer may have 5 years’ experience but in real they have only shot 5 to 10 weddings in 5 years.

This question also helps you to find out if photographers are specialised wedding photographers or just are just general photographers who occasionally do weddings.

We recommend you to go for the photographer who specialises, not only in wedding photography, but also in the style of wedding photography that you like.

For example, here are some photographers that specialise in different styles:

1 . Contemporary wedding Photographers – WeddingTraditions Studio

2. Indian Destination Wedding Photography – CandidTales

How many other weddings will you photograph on that day?

Bigger studios often covers the multiple events as they have resources and multiple wedding photographers but there are also some smaller studios who try to cover multiple events in a day in order to earn more money even though they don’t have enough resources.

This may build more pressure on a wedding photographer and therefore the quality of the photography may suffer.

 What happens if the adverse situation arises?

There is always small chance that some mishap or unfavorable incident like photographer may fell ill, gadget failure, rain etc. may happen for your wedding day.

It is very important that you are always ready for the worse. Ask your photographer that what are the backup plans and how will they deal with adverse situations.

Will there be a contract and what services do my package includes?

Make sure you receive the copy of contract from your photographer that contains details about what services they will be providing, pricing, termination resolution terms, etc.

You can ask for additional services and negotiate on price before signing the contract. The contract protects the interest of both the parties (you and your wedding photographer) and ensures that everyone fulfill their commitments.

Will post production editing be done on my photographs?

For the better look and feel of photographs, post production editing should be done. Basic post production editing includes colour correction and light adjustment.

Some photographer don’t do colour correction on your photographs to save time and efforts which results in poor quality of photographs.

Ask your photographer in advance that you want colour correction and light adjustment on each and every photograph of your wedding.

Will you be allowed to choose certain style of post-production?

Post production not only means colour correction and light adjustments, it also includes styling of the photographs.

Various cool effects can be given to your photographs to make them look more attractive.

You can sit with the studio artists and discuss the look and style you want to give to your photographs.

But be careful as many studios don’t post produce and rather give you raw images directly from the camera. These photos will lack the professional touch.

If my event exceeds the scheduled time, will you stay? Will there be extra charges?

There may be a chance that it may take bit longer to complete the wedding ceremonies than planned as everyone are in celebration mood.

So it’s better to know up front the policy of photographer on over timing.

You surely won’t like that your photographer charge you some unreasonable fees for extra time later on or even worse they just pack up and leave your marriage unfinished when their time is up.

How long will it take after the event for the proofs, album, and etc. to be ready?

It depends from studio to studio.

Some studios which do not do any post production may try to tempt you by saying that your photographs will be ready within a week. Remember, these type of photographs will be of low quality.

However, most studios that develop and post produce the photographs may take longer from 3 weeks to 6months depending on the work force of that particular studio.

We suggest you to go with the studios that do colour correction and post production. It may take more time to get your photo album but it will be worth it as the look and feel of the photographs will be just awesome.